When it comes to technology, it’s safe to say it’s fully integrated into the modern world. It’s hard to think of an aspect of our lives not touched in some way by tech, and it’s cheating to bring up groups of people who are philosophically opposed to technology. I mean aspects of OUR lives, after all, and if you’re reading this, you’re not a member of such a group. Tech has great potential to improve our lives, despite its many flaws, so it’s only natural that it has become such an integral part of our lives.

One such way tech has transformed the modern world is with online shopping. Shopping has been an essential part of the human experience, in some form or another, since we first started grouping together in settlements, but only recently has it become so convenient. The internet has connected our entire global community in many ways, and the shopping world is no different. With the same device (regardless of which one you’re using) you’re using to read this, you can get your business checks with Deluxe for Business in mere moments and then buy a month’s worth of dog food from PetSmart with just a few more clicks or taps. All of this without leaving your home or talking to a cashier. And, your order will be delivered right to your door or your P.O. Box in just a few days, hassle free.

Another way in which tech has improved our lives is via the internet in general. As mentioned above, it has connected the previously fragmented global community, which is a feat that we never could have previously imagined. But, that’s not all. Information is widely and readily available. Media is available en mass. Entirely new industries have been created in the wake of this technology. The list goes on.