Not meeting up to the demands or losing a prospective client because of lack of efficiency, can be very heartbreaking for a travel agency because not only is revenue lost, their reputation and reviews will go south. Surprisingly, most of the travel agencies around find themselves in this position but can’t break out, they have also found out that their salvation doesn’t just lie in employing more staff. There is need to take a look back at their online booking system to see how greater efficiency can be accomplished.

The reservation process

The current booking system procedure requires that on request, the travel agency sends you the credit card booking form which will be filled and returned through fax or email. On receipt of the completed form, there will be a reservation booking and necessary reconcilatiosn made in grey areas together with the client. There will also be a request for a deposit or full payment. A confirmation  email will be sent later, with all information concerning the booked service.

Plenty of travel agencies struggle to maintain workflow at a functional level, often overwhelmed with their workload. There is also a need for reservation manager to effectively track all the reservation requests, their current status and to which of the staff, it have been assigned to.

Infusing Efficiency into the process

* Introducing a lead assignment module :

The online reservations system is broad, with booking system requests coming in through the B2C /B2B portals or directly via mails. This makes it difficult for employees to work on them, often leaving some of them unattended to . This  booking system module presents a software feature that enables users to add different reservations to specific employees, all within our simple point-and-click interface. This will enable the manager monitor workflow and increase workers productivity.

* Customer Relationship Management System (CRMS)

One thing that depletes the confidence of clients in any travel agency is how well they handle their customers. Integrating this into your current IT structure is very easy and will can maximize your efficiency is through data processing. It keeps information easy and accessible , through a user friendly interface. It will also facilitate customer service tasks, such as call handling for customer enquiries.

* Adopt advanced payment solutions

Across the world, with the surge in technology and it’s acceptance by the populace online bookings via booking systems have increased and a necessity for any successful travel agency in this 21st century. A robust online booking payment system that will enable you process B2C/B2B payments, accept various payment methods, use a mobile payment app is greatly required to remain competitive in the scheme of things.


As the days go by and there is an increased need to reach customer’s satisfaction, it is pertinent that some processes in the booking system be streamlined and automated to breed efficiency amongst the travel agency and reduce the disappointments on the client faces.

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