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3 Tips When Implementing an Online Booking and Reservation System

The technology can help a lot in the management of your hotel or inn whether you think of tour operator software or your own online reservation system.  Today, to help you understand how to choose the best reservation management system for your business, we’ve listed the features you need to take into account in this decision. Learn what to evaluate in the booking software to find out if it will really help make the booking process more agile, efficient and secure, and make a much better decision for your company.

Tip 1 – Communication automation

Communicating with your customers – whether before or after your stay – is key to making your business stronger in your relationship with your guests and thereby reassuring your audience. If the system offers possibilities to facilitate this communication, it certainly deserves a few more points in its evaluation.

Questions you should ask:

  • Can I send emails from the system?
  • Can emails be customized with my brand identity?
  • Can I schedule automatic submissions?
  • Is the software integrated with other e-mail tools and social networks?

Tip 2 – Customer information management

The main advantage to having reservation software of your hotel or inn is that you can gather and manage the information of its guests – current and former. That’s why it’s critical that the system provides functionality for you to manage and use customer data in a practical way.

Questions you should ask:

  • Can I edit and extract information from guests in an easy way?
  • Can the system reprogram a reservation?
  • Can I get reports with the data of a specific customer?
  • Can I access and maintain a history of old customers?

Tip 3 – Ease to check-in and check-out

Another important issue for areservation softwareis to really be useful for your establishment is that it offers tools that will streamline the check-in and check-out processes and allow you to manage those steps strategically.

Questions you should ask:

  • Can I view guest entries and exits for a specific period?
  • Can I get information related to the check-in or check-out of a particular guest?
  • I have the possibility to schedule an automatic action on the system after the customer has entered or left the hotel – send an email, for example?

Other important tips to have good booking software!

Performance reports

Automated reporting is one of the main tasks your reservation software needs to have. After all, this function will give your work more agility and will also provide important information so that you can improve your business results more and more.

Questions you should ask:

Does the system allow me to evaluate the performance of the hotel on a given day, week, month or year? What information is generated in the report (number of reservations, average consumption per customer, cancellations, etc.)?


This is an extra that makes all the difference in the day to day use of the booking software. The fact that you and your employees can remotely access the system contributes significantly so that you can correct and change data whenever you need it and also so you can manage your business closely even if you are not at the hotel.…

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How to increase efficiency in the travel agency reservation process?


Not meeting up to the demands or losing a prospective client because of lack of efficiency, can be very heartbreaking for a travel agency because not only is revenue lost, their reputation and reviews will go south. Surprisingly, most of the travel agencies around find themselves in this position but can’t break out, they have also found out that their salvation doesn’t just lie in employing more staff. There is need to take a look back at their online booking system to see how greater efficiency can be accomplished.

The reservation process

The current booking system procedure requires that on request, the travel agency sends you the credit card booking form which will be filled and returned through fax or email. On receipt of the completed form, there will be a reservation booking and necessary reconcilatiosn made in grey areas together with the client. There will also be a request for a deposit or full payment. A confirmation  email will be sent later, with all information concerning the booked service.

Plenty of travel agencies struggle to maintain workflow at a functional level, often overwhelmed with their workload. There is also a need for reservation manager to effectively track all the reservation requests, their current status and to which of the staff, it have been assigned to.

Infusing Efficiency into the process

* Introducing a lead assignment module :

The online reservations system is broad, with booking system requests coming in through the B2C /B2B portals or directly via mails. This makes it difficult for employees to work on them, often leaving some of them unattended to . This  booking system module presents a software feature that enables users to add different reservations to specific employees, all within our simple point-and-click interface. This will enable the manager monitor workflow and increase workers productivity.

* Customer Relationship Management System (CRMS)

One thing that depletes the confidence of clients in any travel agency is how well they handle their customers. Integrating this into your current IT structure is very easy and will can maximize your efficiency is through data processing. It keeps information easy and accessible , through a user friendly interface. It will also facilitate customer service tasks, such as call handling for customer enquiries.

* Adopt advanced payment solutions

Across the world, with the surge in technology and it’s acceptance by the populace online bookings via booking systems have increased and a necessity for any successful travel agency in this 21st century. A robust online booking payment system that will enable you process B2C/B2B payments, accept various payment methods, use a mobile payment app is greatly required to remain competitive in the scheme of things.


As the days go by and there is an increased need to reach customer’s satisfaction, it is pertinent that some processes in the booking system be streamlined and automated to breed efficiency amongst the travel agency and reduce the disappointments on the client faces.

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3 Ways Tour Operators Benefit From Online Booking Software

Tour Operators do attempt to have their DIY guide and own their online reservation center, but the pass is premium and of complicacy. The system gives room for packaging and sales online by tour operators. Tour operator software is an online booking system which allows a combination of flights, hotels, business transaction and transfers from anywhere in the world that can sell as fixed or custom suite. Tour operators as well as excursions providers in payment of their packages need the software.

Benefits of Online Booking Software

  • Expenditure

The reservation software is affordable and can be done through DIY. The price of sustaining the development of a DIY online software is extravagant. This demand an eloquent time range before considering the desired output. Addition of new features is a priceless job, so creating a rundown of an up-front opulence for software, hardware, support and maintenance of the site is of significance.

Online reservation center does charge some fixed amount of cash monthly or have percentage commission per sale made. They invest in a timely manner than tour operators who cannot afford to pay up their bills. New features fixed in the system by software developers create room for a smooth experience in the software when access by clients.

  • Security

Security is the essential factor to consider when developing an online booking software. This is of importance because of swindle by online fraudsters. Security task should be given to an intellect who has the company at heart. Accomplishing this will constitute protection for customers’ data and gives room for identification of threats thereby applying security patches to alleviate the issues. Gaining top protection in online booking software keeps, the success of business attends by clients. See more.

  • Maintenance

Some technical issues need to check when it comes to running maintenance of an online booking software. It shows how quickly networks can be restored when the servers are down, these are called software bugs. Tour operators should look for alternatives to manage the reservation software form a technological point of view. Notwithstanding, a creation of an alert system will be of significance as this will help to checkmate malicious software.


The online booking software used by tour operators is better than the manual bookings. This will avoid the management of bookings and cancellations of a business transaction if not satisfied by clients. Additionally, it can function in account payable accounts as well as keep track of bookings, costs, revenue, and performance of clients. Conclusively, an integration of third-party payment system should be allowed in the software for easy payment. To find out more, check out

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How to Make Reservation Software Work for Your Hotel Business Today?

Have you got an online reservation system set up? For lots of small and newly established businesses, they don’t have any sort of reservation system and it essentially means they’re missing out on a lot of bookings. You wouldn’t think you’d need to go to the hassle of setting up a new booking system and yet it can play a major part of the business. Running a hotel or B&B takes a lot of time and getting constant bookings is important. However, if you are limiting your reservation process it might mean losing out on customers. Can reservation software really work for your business and how can you make it work for your business?

It Opens Up a New and Convenient Reservation Option

Businesses that are in the hotel trade absolutely have to have a variety of methods open to them when it comes to booking or reserving a room. If there are limitations over when someone can book a room then it’ll ensure your clientele is reduced probably by fifty percent. The reason why is simply because people want a convenient way to book a room. People don’t want to have to call and wait in line, they want to be able to go online and reserve a room with as little fuss as possible. It’s the simplest way to ensure your rooms are constantly filled. Reservation software can be highly useful and very practical too. It’s something which will prove beneficial to the business. See more.

Choose Reservation Software that’s Easy To Use

When it comes to choosing software for your business, it’s important to choose a system or software which is easy enough to set up and use. An online reservation system should be easy for the guests as well as the business to operate and if it’s not offering the best of both worlds to both sides something is wrong! You really need to invest wisely and ensure the system you are using is well worth the money. You don’t want to throw money away.

A Good System Is Worth More Than a Cheap System

A lot of people assume all software is the same and that it doesn’t really matter which software is used to help set up their reservation system. However, each piece of software is very different from the next. It might seem strange and yet it’s very much true. All software is different and that’s something very important to remember. You have to ensure the reservation software you choose is good for the business. It’s not about money but what’s easy to use and what’s useful to the business as well.

Love Your Business

Your business is important to you and ideally you want to ensure the right software is found. It will make all the difference today especially when it comes to having a successful business. Far too many people don’t take time out and explore what options they have available when it comes to their business. It’s a waste and something which causes a lot of trouble to say the least. Ensure your online reservation system is the best you can get. More details in site:

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Technology Today

When it comes to technology, it’s safe to say it’s fully integrated into the modern world. It’s hard to think of an aspect of our lives not touched in some way by tech, and it’s cheating to bring up groups of people who are philosophically opposed to technology. I mean aspects of OUR lives, after all, and if you’re reading this, you’re not a member of such a group. Tech has great potential to improve our lives, despite its many flaws, so it’s only natural that it has become such an integral part of our lives.

One such way tech has transformed the modern world is with online shopping. Shopping has been an essential part of the human experience, in some form or another, since we first started grouping together in settlements, but only recently has it become so convenient. The internet has connected our entire global community in many ways, and the shopping world is no different. With the same device (regardless of which one you’re using) you’re using to read this, you can get your business checks with Deluxe for Business in mere moments and then buy a month’s worth of dog food from PetSmart with just a few more clicks or taps. All of this without leaving your home or talking to a cashier. And, your order will be delivered right to your door or your P.O. Box in just a few days, hassle free.

Another way in which tech has improved our lives is via the internet in general. As mentioned above, it has connected the previously fragmented global community, which is a feat that we never could have previously imagined. But, that’s not all. Information is widely and readily available. Media is available en mass. Entirely new industries have been created in the wake of this technology. The list goes on.…

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How Does Cloud E-Retailing Solution Benefit Online Reservation Systems?

There are many who look into reservation software and who remain a bit wary of it. You may feel the same and it’s natural as it’s a new concept for a lot of people. However, when it comes to cloud e-retailing will it really benefit your business? Will this impact on your online reservation systems? Read on to find out how your e-retailing solution can benefit your reservation systems today.

It’s Easier to Handle and it’s Easier to Access

In all honesty, when it comes to cloud e-retailing you can use the very best cloud software and it can easily store everything you need there and then. However, since this is all digitally stored, it removes the need of needing biggest hard disks and taking up a lot of memory on computers at home. What’s more, all the data is stored within the cloud which is an ideal solution to say the least when it comes to your online reservation system. You can actually access the reservation system whenever you are and whenever you need to. This is really very important and quite useful to say the least. click here for more details.

Great Protection

Despite a lot of this being stored in the cloud, the security available is really good. For most businesses, they have to have the highest security for themselves and their customers. With cloud e-retailing software you can actually see this is able to offer excellent protection. With Secure Socket Layer protection encryption options, it really makes everything a lot safer. This is why there are now more and more choosing this when it comes to reservation software and creating a new reservation system. There has never been a better time to look into this. for more details, visit :

How Does Cloud E-Retailing Solution Benefit Online Reservation Systems

Not Too Expensive

A lot of people are worried that if they are choosing an e-retail software it means they will have to pay through the nose for it. However, that isn’t quite the case as today; it’s far more affordable than it ever was. This means it’s easy for you to download and use the software anywhere in the world and it doesn’t rack up thousands and thousands per year. It’s an ideal solution to say the least when it comes to an online reservation system.

Making Your System Easier To Work

You have to remember that sometimes working with an online reservation system is not easy! It can be a bit funny at times and when you don’t have the right tools working alongside it, things can go wrong. However, with good e-retail software you can ensure your business gets more benefits from it. What’s more, you can actually find things work easier and more effectively too. Reservation software is the tool that is going to make your business easier.

Improve Your Business

There is also every opportunity to improve on your business and that is the crucial factor to remember when it comes to using e-retail software and reservation software and systems too. These are going to be what makes your business far more effective and easier to run. You should think about using these things as they will help take your business to the next level. Why not use the e-retail software with your online reservation system?…

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