The technology can help a lot in the management of your hotel or inn whether you think of tour operator software or your own online reservation system.  Today, to help you understand how to choose the best reservation management system for your business, we’ve listed the features you need to take into account in this decision. Learn what to evaluate in the booking software to find out if it will really help make the booking process more agile, efficient and secure, and make a much better decision for your company.

Tip 1 – Communication automation

Communicating with your customers – whether before or after your stay – is key to making your business stronger in your relationship with your guests and thereby reassuring your audience. If the system offers possibilities to facilitate this communication, it certainly deserves a few more points in its evaluation.

Questions you should ask:

  • Can I send emails from the system?
  • Can emails be customized with my brand identity?
  • Can I schedule automatic submissions?
  • Is the software integrated with other e-mail tools and social networks?

Tip 2 – Customer information management

The main advantage to having reservation software of your hotel or inn is that you can gather and manage the information of its guests – current and former. That’s why it’s critical that the system provides functionality for you to manage and use customer data in a practical way.

Questions you should ask:

  • Can I edit and extract information from guests in an easy way?
  • Can the system reprogram a reservation?
  • Can I get reports with the data of a specific customer?
  • Can I access and maintain a history of old customers?

Tip 3 – Ease to check-in and check-out

Another important issue for areservation softwareis to really be useful for your establishment is that it offers tools that will streamline the check-in and check-out processes and allow you to manage those steps strategically.

Questions you should ask:

  • Can I view guest entries and exits for a specific period?
  • Can I get information related to the check-in or check-out of a particular guest?
  • I have the possibility to schedule an automatic action on the system after the customer has entered or left the hotel – send an email, for example?

Other important tips to have good booking software!

Performance reports

Automated reporting is one of the main tasks your reservation software needs to have. After all, this function will give your work more agility and will also provide important information so that you can improve your business results more and more.

Questions you should ask:

Does the system allow me to evaluate the performance of the hotel on a given day, week, month or year? What information is generated in the report (number of reservations, average consumption per customer, cancellations, etc.)?


This is an extra that makes all the difference in the day to day use of the booking software. The fact that you and your employees can remotely access the system contributes significantly so that you can correct and change data whenever you need it and also so you can manage your business closely even if you are not at the hotel.